Art Information

Acceptable Electronic Artwork:

For logos or art to be imprinted on promotional items:
Art must be vector-based and created in one of the following industry standard PC-based programs:

Adobe Illustrator (version CS5 or earlier). Be sure to convert all fonts to outlines and save as .ai or .eps

CorelDraw (version 14 or earlier) Convert all fonts to curves and save as .cdr or export as .ai or .eps

Illustrator CS5: Convert fonts to outlines, save file as .ai or .eps

Photoshop CS5: Rasterize fonts, save file as .psd or .eps

InDesign CS5: Please include all linked graphics
(Note: If using a newer InDesign product please save as an InDesign Exchange File (.inx)

For logos or art to be imprinted on apparel:
Art must be 300dpi at the size to be printed. Maximum recommended imprint area is 11.75″ x 16″. Image formats that support transparency layer are required. .PNG, .Tiff, and .PSD files are accepted. If submitting an original art file, please rasterize or convert all fonts to outlines to prevent possible font conflicts.

For other printed products such as business cards, stationery or brochures, art must meet the following requirements:
At least 300 dpi and at actual printed size

Files and photos MUST be CMYK

Acceptable formats include PC-based CorelDraw14, PhotoShop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, or PDF (Acrobat 10)

Submitting Electronic Artwork:
You can email your art file to us at, or fax a printed copy of your artwork for reference to 954.346.0226 — Please include your name, company name, address, phone number, fax number and file name(s) of artwork with all files sent as email attachment(s)

For large file(s) please call us at 954-753-7287 to arrange for alternatives.

General Notes:
Artwork submitted in any other format than those described above will be subject to a conversion charge and it is up to TypeStyles discretion whether the artwork is suitable for conversion.

It is up to TypeStyles to determine if client-provided artwork is press-ready.

If client is unable to provide artwork, we can create art at normal design rates.

Any additional conversion or artwork required will add production time to client’s order.

Color Matching:
We make every effort to meet the color requirements of our clients, however due to manufacturing processes color can vary slightly depending on methods used.